New Images from Scotland

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Last month I have been re-visiting Scotland (my previous visit was in 2011). On a variety of different hikes in the western highlands – including a four-day hike in the wilderness area north of Kinlochewe – I captured new impressions of the harsh Scottish landscapes. I added the new pictures to my existing Western Scotland gallery. Below some samples.

Loch Lomond Blaven Loch Coruisk I Loch Maree I Assynt Landscape

Caldera Views

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The following two images show details of the Caldera de Taburiente on the island La Palma (Canary Islands). Hopefully, I will soon be able to publish the entire gallery from my trip.

Ray of Light Clouds & Rocks

Shapes of Sand

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One might think that a desert does not provide much diversity. My recent trip to Oman where I visited the world’s largest sand desert Rub al-Khali (Arabic for “Empty Quarter”) proved this assumption wrong. The variety of shapes and landscapes – all mostly made of sand – was really surprising. The sizes of dunes range from a few meters to more than 150 m (at least that was the largest I climbed and measured). Climbing the latter is very strenuous as the sand is often very soft but the reward are spectacular views.

The pictures below are a small excerpt from the new Oman gallery and shall demonstrate the different shapes of sand I encountered.

Waves Sky on Fire Glow I Early light I Large & Small

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A few images from Oxford and what’s next

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The last quarter of 2013 has been a busy time for me as a photographer. As a contrast to my many journeys to the northern countries I have been travelling through the deserts of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula. It was my first real desert experience and it was great, especially from a photographer’s point of view. Next, I have visited La Palma which is part of the Canary Islands. Although a typical tourist destination, it was still impressive, especially if you are into hiking.

As you probably can imagine, I am quite busy working through all the pictures. To shorten the waiting time until I can publish the first pictures from those two trips, I’d like to present some pictures taken on a business trip to Oxford last autumn. Anyways, it is time to show some architecture again. More architecture images can be found in the Cities and Architecture gallery.

Oxford - Detail Oxford - Old graveyard Oxford - Sheldonian Theatre Threatened Species