Three weeks in Lapland – first impressions

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This summer I’ve been hiking in northern Sweden again. This time I explored the mountain area to the north of Sarek. The landscape was very impressive. I have only reviewed a small part of my images yet. In the following a few initial impressions; more will follow.

Teusajaure Reflection Sun & Rain Kaitumjåkka


Breton Seascapes

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In spring I travelled to Brittany (France). The major attraction for me as landscape photographer was the coastline. Also the cities (like Saint-Malo) are beautiful and worth a visit. While I was positively surprised by the cities which I expected to be “tourist traps” as the area is a major travel destination, the landscape left me a bit disappointed. It is often scarred from the sheer quantity of visitors and the coast is made accessible by at least one parking area every single kilometer. Well, I am exaggerating a bit.

Nevertheless, the coast is beautiful and the local administration is trying to restore the natural state in many areas, e.g., by creating walking paths and restricting the passage across the sensitive vegetation. Below you find some costal impressions from my trip.

Saint-Malo Côte Granite Rose Rock Formations Côte Sauvage Sunset I Sunset II

I have added a new gallery “Mixed Landscapes” where these and other images without dedicated gallery can be viewed.

Lanzarote – touristic but worth a visit

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This winter I have been on a short trip to Lanzarote which is part of the Canary islands. Although you will certainly be not alone there it is still worth a visit. There are interesting hiking routes as well as beautiful locations for landscape photographers.

Playa de las Conchas Lava Arch Timanfaya View towards La Graciosa

Off the beaten track – hiking in Sarek

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Fording the stream in Tjuoldavágge

Sarek national park is located in the Swedish part of Lapland to the north of the Arctic Circle. Although (or should I say because?) I had visited the area already last year I returned this year to walk a different route and spend again two weeks in one of the most remote areas of Europe. With this article I want to give you some background information on my hike, my motivation and practical aspects.

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