Caldera Views

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The following two images show details of the Caldera de Taburiente on the island La Palma (Canary Islands). Hopefully, I will soon be able to publish the entire gallery from my trip.

Ray of Light Clouds & Rocks

Shapes of Sand

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One might think that a desert does not provide much diversity. My recent trip to Oman where I visited the world’s largest sand desert Rub al-Khali (Arabic for “Empty Quarter”) proved this assumption wrong. The variety of shapes and landscapes – all mostly made of sand – was really surprising. The sizes of dunes range from a few meters to more than 150 m (at least that was the largest I climbed and measured). Climbing the latter is very strenuous as the sand is often very soft but the reward are spectacular views.

The pictures below are a small excerpt from the new Oman gallery and shall demonstrate the different shapes of sand I encountered.

Waves Sky on Fire Glow I Early light I Large & Small

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A few images from Oxford and what’s next

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The last quarter of 2013 has been a busy time for me as a photographer. As a contrast to my many journeys to the northern countries I have been travelling through the deserts of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula. It was my first real desert experience and it was great, especially from a photographer’s point of view. Next, I have visited La Palma which is part of the Canary Islands. Although a typical tourist destination, it was still impressive, especially if you are into hiking.

As you probably can imagine, I am quite busy working through all the pictures. To shorten the waiting time until I can publish the first pictures from those two trips, I’d like to present some pictures taken on a business trip to Oxford last autumn. Anyways, it is time to show some architecture again. More architecture images can be found in the Cities and Architecture gallery.

Oxford - Detail Oxford - Old graveyard Oxford - Sheldonian Theatre Threatened Species

Larger Gallery Images

resize_icon To improve the user experience I have decided to enlarge gallery images to 1000 pixels. This applies to all images already online and any future uploads. Enjoy :)!

If you notice any issues please contact me.

Sarek Gallery Online

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Finally I managed to setup the gallery of my pictures from my hike through the Sarek national park in northern Sweden (Lapland). Click here or the picture below to view it.

Sarek National Park Gallery